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Greetings fromĀ https://www.noQnow.com//

It is a historically unprecedented time for everyone. As we struggle through this crisis, we also see a ray of hope and the undying spirit all around us.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads at rates never thought possible, we understand that the best way we can help to control this pandemic is by strictly following the guidelines laid out by the government on social distancing. All around the world, in India too with no exception, everyone is experiencing lockdown by strictly staying at home.

But to keep the life on, people need to step out for essentials! And yes, exactly here we come up with a solution to make this step safer. With most grocery retail stores across the country struggling to implement social distancing, people spend long hours standing in queues, waiting to be allowed into stores. It's very important to decrease the Social timing (The amount spent outside the house), while encouraging the social distancing.

For the retailers, noQnow allows customers to pick and book a time (slot) with any store in their neighborhood. noQNow, works by generating a unique Code through sending a SMS, which the customer can show when he/she visits the store on their slot (booked time). This can be easily understood and used by layman as well.

This helps the retailer, as well as the customer, follow COVID-19 instructions without any ambiguity. A simple step towards organizing the crowd seamlessly with perfect discipline. Less time standing in queues, less chances of contacting COVID-19.

This is a totally free service. We all want to do our bit to help each other. So please join hands with us to beat COVID-19.

Partnering with you, helps retailers and customers at large, to use this simple yet, an important solution to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Our only aim is to prevent the spread of Coronavirus through this solution while people step out for essentials, and we believe this can be done through our partnership.

Looking forward to associate with you to beat COVID-19. Please feel free to contact me for further discussions.

-Team noQnow.com.com